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Universal Cartridge

Universal Cartridge


3D Printing Resins offered by the manufacturer are expensive ($180 per liter and up). There are several companies like ApplyLabWork, Photocentric 3D, and 3DResyns offering high quality and special SLA resins for much less. However, they can only print in ‘open mode’, which disables the wiper, heater and auto filling of the resin tank. Printing quality, accuracy and consistency is much higher when printing in closed mode and some resins can only be printed in this mode.

Printing in ‘closed mode’, it will enable:

  • Wiper: Enable the wiper to reduce stick to the tank. This reduces tank wear and improves part accuracy. Resin stays mixed and consistent.
  • Auto dispensing: Automatically dispense resin into the tank when needed. No more 100ml print limitations and no print line.
  • Heater: Resin is sensitive to temperature fluctuations which influences the cure rate. Enable the heater to improve printing accuracy.

Universal Cartridge DIY Module Kit

Universal Cartridge Module KitPrice: $94.99 with Free Shipping, for United States buyers.

Price: $89.99 + Shipping, for Canada, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico buyers.
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Universal Cartridge - Ready-to-Run

Universal Cartridge Ready-to-Run
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With this DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Module Kit, you can up-cycle an empty Formlabs cartridge to an Universal Cartridge. The Universal Cartridge enables you to print with any third-party resin in closed mode on your Form 2 & Form 3 printer using any of the Formlabs resin profiles.

This plug & play version of the universal cartridge runs directly out of the box. No modification needed by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which resins are compatible with the printer and Universal Cartridge and what settings should I use?

Several manufacturers have developed resins specifically for the Form 2 and Form 3. They can tell you which resin profile their specific resin is developed for. If this is not specified, a good starting point is using one of the standard resin profiles with the corresponding color of the resin.

2. Is it difficult to install a module myself into an empty cartridge?

The modification requires a basic understanding of drilling and soldering. To install a module, you need to drill three holes in a cleaned cartridge, solder two wires and glue the module in place. Please watch step-by-step instruction videos from YouTube:
- Detail Instructions at https://youtu.be/U7alCJ8y5d0
- Selecting Resin Profile at https://youtu.be/U7alCJ8y5d0

3. What are Formlabs resin profiles supported?

The following Formlabs resin profiles are supported:

  • Standard – Black V3, V4
  • Standard – White V3, V4
  • Standard – Grey V3, V4
  • Standard – Clear V2, V4
  • Dental – Model V2
  • Engineering – Durable
  • Engineering – Flexible
  • Engineering – Grey Pro
  • Engineering – High Temp
  • Engineering – Rigid
  • Engineering – Tough V4, V5
  • Jewelry – Castable V2
  • Jewelry – Castable Wax

Universal Cartridge

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